"Can I be your boyfriend"-Justin Bieber Atlas Arena Poland 25.03.2013

Today is 29.03.2013 , few days ago Justin Bieber were in Poland . 25.03.2013 together with your team , Justin went to the Łódź , where he lived one day . Thousands of fans were waiting when idol will appear on the hotel. It was crazy .  He sang you the best and new songs from Album Believe . It was something amazing . I dont know how I can decribe it. Scream , cry , smile and syncope - there are ravages meeting and seeing Justin Bieber. A lot of people can meet with JB. If you bought the most expensive ticket (1.500zł)
you can show Justin face to face , hug him , take a photo and of course talk. Aneta's friend took a photo with Justin , she was really upset and she still can't believe it.
On the concert apeared a lot of famous people , for example Maciej Musiał , Ewa Farna , Margaret and Jankes. It was something I will never forget. Unfortunetly I haven't photo with Justin , but he were so close that I can't forget. I hope that once I will have photo with Jus. 

On the road...

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