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Hi! How are you today? We have got a beautiful winter, but I prefer something hotter. I can't wait when I will wear only shorts and ordinary t-shirt. Unfortunetly  we have to wait. March 21 is the first Spring day. I would like that the day will be awesome. We both are going to the Cervantes High School. This is our dream school. We can't wait....
20 march I'm going to Hurts cocert. I love them, their music , style and totality.
I hope that you remember what is on 25 march ? I wrote about it recently. Justin Bieber will be in Poland.
Of course with Aneta going to do video report of concert for all those who will not be able to be there. I'm glad very much , because we received better tickets that we bought , and now will be closer to Justin Biber. We would like to say thank you to our friend Suzie for a tickets <3 Becouse of you, my sister will be able to see Justin with my parents.
Thank God for a surprise, becuase a few days ago I saw in my table two tickets to Beyonce. Together with my mum we will listen to the song , (for me) one of the best singers in the world.
soo.... As you can see I have a lot of parties. Sure I will write about it.

                                                                      Beyonce :


Justin Bieber :

and Rihanna ( the best women , my beauty I love her )
I would like to be in Gdańsk on her concert , but I hope that once she will be in Warsaw :)

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