DIY shorts/A.

Hello! It's Aneta (Loff). At the beggining of the blog I promised to show you some DIY. To tell you the true I haven't got enougt time to do it, and do the photo relation step by step. But I hope that's not the last post about DIY.  So, today I show you my shorts.

Hola todos! Esto es mi Aneta (Loff). Al principio de blog dije que voy a mostrar mis proyectos de DIY.  Pero, de verdad, no tendo demasiado tiempo para hacer fotas, mostrar todo paso a paso..Pero espero que esto no es mi ultima nota sobre DIY. Pues, hoy muestro mis pantalones cortos.

1. "Cloudy" shorts -  I call them like that because it reminds me of clouds. I've put the creased, jeans shorts into the water with bleach.
2. Striped shorts - they are made from old leggins and striped T-shirt which I sewed. It's really difficult to do this without any sewing skills ;)
3. Cut shorts - it's so easy to do more interesting shorts, or just cut long jeans.

As you can see everybody can do that without any skills. When it will be warmer I'll show you some outfits with this shorts.

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