Weekend with Rainbow Birds\N.

Today I spend my free time with my best friend. I had so much fun! We decided to  take a photos.
Ania writes a blog Rainbow Birds, i hope that you know this blog, because he's more popular than mine. On Rainbow Birds you can see a lot of outfifs. Ania likes a fashion very much. If you have got a problem how to dress, there you will find solution. http://rainbowbirdy.blogspot.com/ ;) 

Hoy he pasado mi tiempo libre con mi mejor amigo. Hemos decido hacer a fotos.
Ania escribe blog Rainbow Birds, espero que conoseis este blog, 
porque el es mas populares que mio.
Alli podeis ver muchos outfits. Ania le gusta mucho la moda. 
Si tiene un problem con ropa, alli puedes encontar soluciòn.  
http://rainbowbirdy.blogspot.com/ ;) 

||trousers ZARA ||jacket MADE IN ITALY ||t-shirt SH ||shoes LACOSTE||

Ania is very very pretty and the most wonderful person I know. I'm glad very much that she is my friend.
Ania es muy guapa y maravillosa. Mejor persona que conozco. Me alegro mucho que ella es mi amiga.

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