Holidays...France vol.1

Helllo I come back home. I'm very tired, but I'm not going to sleep,because I have a lot of memories and photos. It was the best holidays eveer. I never ever forget it. I cry when I always start to think about it. ...but unfotrunetly everything  has end sometimes good , sometimes bad. In this case it was very veryy hapy end.

 At the beginning we went to the Disneyland in Paris. It was my childhood dream. Disneyland is a place, where everybody can be like a child. I was feeling like a fairytale. A lot of girls were princess in beautiful dresses. My friend Suzie has a Micky's ears. 

After the Disney we spend night in the hotel in Paris. Hotel was really good , we hadn't view of The Eiffel Tour, but wasn't bad. 
....and next morning...The Eiffel Tour&Arch of Triumph and other ...

Cola with Jessica is worth each price- in Paris 4 euro (20 zł)

 and the next post "The diary of Spain with http://rainbowbirdy.blogspot.com/ 
 Swaaag I know her, and she is my best friends. 
                                            Probably you don't believe in it, but I even have a photo with her.
                                           I know that you envy me xD
                                                                              Lol xD

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